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The History of...™

Broadcasting a full genre in a engaging Symphonic Concert with catchy original Storytelling...

The History of…™ is an electrifying and immersive symphonic show that celebrates the rich heritage of Worldwide music through a captivating 80-minute performance. Divided into two acts, the show meticulously narrates the history of a specific genre, highlighting its unique artistic, musical, and cultural values. Under the visionary leadership of Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez, the production, curated by the Performing Arts Laboratory, blends storytelling and symphonic grandeur. The guest band, renowned for their expertise, authority in the genre and outstanding ticket sales, infuses each performance with unparalleled energy, while specially designed orchestral arrangements showcase the genre's evolution across time and geography. Backed by extensive ethno-musicological research, The History of…™ offers orchestras a comprehensive package including scores, full parts, and full show and production kit. Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez’s profound understanding of Americas and World Music ensures each performance is a vibrant celebration of the genre's history and cultural significance, resonating with audiences and enriching the global performing arts landscape.

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Entertaining broad audiences through catchy and immersive symphonic performances.


Empowering orchestras to master and enrich their repertoires, connecting with diverse audiences worldwide.

Broadcasting the rich cultural heritage of Worldwide Music

Lead by
Diego Barbosa-Vásquez
Chief Creator, Artistic Director & Conductor

​Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet Conductor, Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez is a visionary leader in the Performing Arts. He combines his Colombian roots, remarkable international training, and his global expertise in high-level artistic productions; to create outstanding and highly profitable immersive artistic experiences. As the General Director of the Performing Arts Laboratory and Music Director of The Americas Chamber Orchestra, his dynamic conducting, innovative productions, and groundbreaking research in Arts Sustainability have garnered international acclaim and remarkable community engagement. 


Maestro Barbosa-Vásquez was Music & Artistic Director of the CASC Opera Camp and the World Music Symphony Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA); Pronartes Musical Theater, Huila Philharmonic, and E&P Orchestra and Choir System (Colombia), Principal Guest Conductor of El Salvador National Youth Symphony Orchestra for 6 years, and has collaborated as Conductor with the St. Louis Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony, Nashville Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony, IU Opera and Ballet Theater, and IU Symphonies (USA). Also, he holds a Doctor Degree from the prestigious Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet Conducting Department at Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University (USA) with Doctoral Minors in Music Theory and Arts Administration.

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Barbosa-Vásquez at the Podium!


Firebird, Suite 1919


La Forza del Destino, Overture

Traditional Venezuelan



Tod und Verklärung Op. 24


By Performing Arts Laboratory

An esteemed branch of the Performing Arts Laboratory dedicated to crafting high-level artistic shows that blend powerful ticketing revenue with profound community engagement. With a keen focus on innovative and culturally rich productions, PAL Productions delivers meticulously researched and expertly executed performances that captivate audiences. Under the visionary guidance of Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez, our productions not only showcase exceptional artistic talent but also foster a deeper connection between communities and the vibrant world of performing arts. From dynamic symphonic shows like “The History of…”™, comprehensive Multidisciplinary experiences as “Opera Camps™, to groundbreaking original pieces, PAL Productions stands at the forefront of enriching the cultural landscape with unforgettable experiences.

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