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About US

Based on in-depth International Practical Research and Multidisciplinary and multiple times awarded Groundbreaking work, we develop advanced Products and Services to serve the Performing Arts Field (Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet).


Working in a multidisciplinary approach (in alliance with Economy, Business, Arts, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Arts Administration, Political Economy, Macro and Micro Economy, Entrepreneurship, and other sciences), we help Organizations, Artistis, and Societies (at local, regional, national, and international levels) to understand and use in their favor the clues for the Sustainability of their Performing Arts and their interconnected Artistic, Financial, Social, and Ecologic dimensions.

Every stakeholder is crucial in the Performing Arts Field. From Artistis with stronger and healthier careers; to Organizations with broader and more sustainable artistic practices, business structures, and services; or communities collaborating at local, regional, national, and/or international levels. We develop crafted solutions for a better and more sustainable Performing Arts Field. 

Performing Arts Laboratory - Organizations that have collaborated with the Research
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Recognizing our Contributors 

All of our Products and Services have been developed based on an in-depth research in the REAL FIELD! And that is why we thank all the organizations and people that supported and helped us during this long international practical multidisciplinary path. Thanks to all of them we developed multiple times awarded groundbreaking work. Results that now are at the service of all Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet Stakeholders. 

Following you can find a humble and thank you list of all the people that, in one or many ways, have supported and contributed to the understanding of a healthier and more sustainable Performing Arts field for ALL stakeholders.  


Opera, Music & Artistic Field

Peter Volpe, Professor of Music (Voice) / JSoM, IU / USA

Megan Starnes, Director of Student Leadership Programs / O’Neil, IU

Walter Huff, Professor of Music (Opera Choral Conducting) / JSoM, IU

Arthur Fagen, Chair of Department of Orchestral Conducting / JSoM, IU / USA

Michael Shell, Resident Stage Director, IU Opera and Ballet Theater / JSoM, IU

Marzio Conti, Opera, Orchestra Conductor, Music Professor / Istituto Superiore di Musica "L. Boccherini" / Lucca, Italy

Karen Gahl-Mills, Director of Arts Administration Programs; Senior Advisor, Center for Cultural Affairs / O’Neil, IU


Bloomington Community Allies/Partners

Nancy Hutches, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IN

Tabitha Cassani, Director of Programs, Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington

Tamara Loewenthal, Executive Director, Lotus Education and Arts Foundation

Silvia Panigada, Music and Culture Coordinator, FAR Center for Contemporary Arts

Alex Crowley, Director, Economic & Sustainable Development at City of Bloomington, IN

Holly Warren, Assistant Director for the Arts, Economic & Sustainable Development at City of Bloomington, IN


IU Students for Documentary Project

Robert S Mack, Documentary Co-Producer

Duke Wayne, Director of Photography of Documentary

Alex D'Angelo, Sound Recordist

Founder and General Director

Dr. Diego Barbosa-Vásquez / Colombia / JSoM, IU (USA)

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Practical Research and Applications

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Recognizing our 

Did you know that the Performing Arts Laboratory used to be called the

"Ostrom Opera Camp Laboratory"?

The selection of this first name was an homage that the Maestro Diego Barbosa-Vásquez (our Founder and General Director) gave to Elinor Ostrom (Nobel Prize in Economy) and to all the Ostrom Workshop (at Indiana University) remarkable international distinguished scholars. Amazing scholars that not only have been strong supporters since the beginning of all the multidisciplinary research we have been developed in the Performing Arts, provided seed funding to our Founder (as Ostrom Workshop Research Awardee on 2021-2023), but also allowed us to understand more in depth the concepts of "Multidimensional Sustainability", "Polycentricity", and "Commons Governance" to be able to apply them to the Performing Arts.

Since the name was usually associate with only one of our Services (Opera Camp), only with one art: the Opera, and we wanted to be able to not only do research, but also actively serve and influence the full Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet fields at international level... we decided to changed to the current name: Performing Arts Laboratory and incorporate it as a separate institution with all the knowledge, freedom and resources to influence and serve strongly our Performing Arts field while keeping our strong academic, artistic, and scholarly roots supporting every product, service, program, and course.

Here you can see the trailer of a Documentary we were preparing to share all the remarkable multidisciplinary research about our Opera Camp™ in a more digestible format.

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