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Re-Discovering the Performing Arts™

Allowing your audiences to understand you better...

  • 30 min
  • Crafted for you!
  • Performing Arts Laboratory Online

Service Description

Do you have audiences eager to learn more in depth about your art but not sure how to help them? You have people really interested in knowing every single detail about how you are able to create these amazing artistic experiences but your organization doesn't have the resources to do it? No worries, we are here to help! This is a specially designed service/course for your general audiences (without any type of artistic training) who wants to rediscover the Performing Arts. With it, participants will not only be able to learn the basic elements of how to appreciate these arts, but also learn about the "classical" arts (orchestra, ballet, opera), how they collaborate with each other, and interact with their modern evolutions and the various forms and variations that have acquired over the years (musical theater, contemporary dance, pop symphonic concerts, etc.). Participants will also be able to learn how these arts are created and rehearsed, the people involved inside and outside the company, and the key elements to focus on when wanting to enjoy the artistic experience. Book here a FREE initial consultation so we can understand better your needs and with it send you a proposal to be sure your organization develop strong, sustainable, and long-lasting relationships with all your stakeholders!

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