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Marketing Campaigns for the Arts

Developing stronger relationships with your stakeholders

  • 30 min
  • Crafted for you!
  • Performing Arts Laboratory Online

Service Description

Cultural and/or Artistic enterprises require a very unique approach towards Marketing Campaigns because the Performing Arts field follow very special logics. Did you hired expensive Marketing agencies just to find out they didn't provided you the expected results? Or have you hired a full marketing team inside your organization but the results are not the ones you were looking for? No worries, the Performing Arts Laboratory is here to help!! From special targeted projects, to full season proposal, and/or long-term plan Branding Development, we'll develop a crafted proposal to help your organization (Orchestra, Opera Company, Ballet, University, Non-Profit, Public Entity, etc), to achieve strong and sustainable relationships with your stakeholders. With our multiple times awarded groundbreaking work in the Performing Arts understanding their Artistic, Financial, Social, and Ecologic dimensions, and with our experts in Artistic Branding and Multidisciplinary collaborations; we have been achieved amazing numbers as: - 1100% increase in stakeholders interactions a Nation Wide Marketing Campaign (with the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of El Salvador) - 450% increments of community participation PER YEAR (with the Collaborative Arts Opera Summer Camp) - Or more than 300% increase on Brand awareness (with the Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies of Indiana University). We are here to help you! Book here a FREE initial consultation so we can understand better your needs and with it send you a proposal to be sure your organization develop strong, sustainable, and long-lasting relationships with all your stakeholders!

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