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Branding and Marketing for Individuals

Transform Your Talent: Elevate Your Brand, Amplify Your Art

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Service Description

Everyone remembers the experiment of Joshua Bell (prestigious super-start violinist playing in a Metro Station in New York with people just walking around without even noticing him. An interesting phenomenon that contrasts with his expensive totally Sold Out shows in the most prestigious concert halls worldwide. In Performing Arts, the Branding and the Marketing IS EVERYTHING! Research has proved that for Performing Artists, branding is as Important as their Art. As an intangible art that lives only on the moment it is being done, and it is based on values that must be appreciated and understood by the audiences, Performing Artists requires the development of an environment that allows them to share their messages in the way they want. By connection, similar things occur when trying to get accepted into distinguished programs or hired by prestigious Performing Arts Institutions, your Branding and Marketing is as important as your art. Good branding not only should broadcast your best level and your uniqueness, but also be sure that audiences, peers, potential employers and schools SEE YOU in the way you want and need to get the opportunities to develop your Art. That is why, with the Performing Arts Laboratory we created the Branding and Marketing Service for Individuals. We’ll help you to develop strong and coherent Branding and Marketing strategies. From Website development, Photographies, Bio and CV development, Performing Arts Videos Development, Letterheads, etc. As well a totally crafter Marketing Campaign that includes Blogs, Video-blogs, Social Media Strategies development, etc. And the most important thing, everything developed in a coherent way that allows you to achieve the career you want to develop. Book a FREE session with our team so we can better understand your specific needs and we will create a way of working that matches your goals and of course your budget. PS: Are you a Company interested in getting these services too? No worries, check our Website for "Marketing Campaigns for the Arts" that is a service specially designed for Organizations!

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