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Performing Arts Laboratory

Developing Sustainable and Long-Lasting Artistic Practices

Working towards healthier and sustainable

Opera  //  Orchestra  //  Ballet

Fields and Empowered Stakeholders!

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Basics of

Performing Arts Sustainability

Multiple multidisciplinary practical research has proved that ONLY when the four interconnected dimensions that influence the Performing Arts field are considered and carefully analyzed in their local, regional, national, and international levels (or arenas in economic terms) for the strategic developments, the sustainability of the Performing Arts could be achieved!

Why we call "Practical" Research?

Because it is done in the REAL FIELD!

All of our Products and Services have been developed based on an in-depth research in the REAL FIELD!

And that is why we thank all the organizations that allowed and helped us during this path. Thanks to all of them we developed multiple times awarded groundbreaking work that now is at the service of all Opera, Orchestra, and Ballet Stakeholders (Artists, Organizations, and Societies). 

And also thanks to the other more than 100 organization around the globe that collaborated in smaller ways to the "Practical" Research!

Your support, help, and encouragement has been a fundamental part of our work!

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Navigating the Performing Arts

With our products and services, we consult, coach, mentor, serve, and help ALL Performing Arts stakeholders to develop a sustainable and healthy relationship between the Art Enterprises and the full society.

With our support, Organizations, Artists, Artistic Agencies, Private Companies, Public Institutions, Governments Agencies, and/or Communities; develop strategic improvements, services, seasons, and products based on strong understanding of the Interconnected Governance models of the Performing Arts within their unique local, regional, national, and international levels.

MultiDisciplinary Research

Scientifically Proven

& International Awarded

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