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The Inclusive Symphonic Experience

Welcoming underrepresented communities and cultures to the concert hall in a sustainable way!

  • 30 min
  • Crafted for You!
  • Perfoming Arts Laboratory Online

Service Description

This is a service that helps Orchestras to develop sustainable and respectful welcoming experiences for underrepresented communities and cultures to the concert hall! Avoid tokenism or projects that doesn't have long-term sustainability and only creates marketing and fundraising troubles for your organization. Including underrepresented communities and cultures to the concert hall is a work that has to be done very carefully as our Orchestra field is sadly full of elitism and anti-diversity "Dogmatic" systems. The artistic practice is very diverse across cultures and the way each community approach the artistic experience is very unique, but the majority of internal Orchestra stakeholders have been trained only in the standard European models of running an orchestra. That is why developing a respectful, inclusive, and long-term relation with our underrepresented communities in the concert hall is a very challenging effort. But no worries, the Performing Arts Laboratory is here to help! Based on our strong understanding of the MAP (Musical, Artistic, and Pedagogical) and ABC (Administrative, Business, and Community) Models and how they allow the adaptability of the Symphonic Art form; and based on other multiple times awarded groundbreaking work on the arts, music, and artistic practice; well develop a full strategy for your organization. A coherent and interconnected strategy that will included clear and strategic concerts proposal, educational activities, marketing strategies, fundraising campaigns, outreach activities, etc. All based on the unique needs of your organization and the communities it represents. Interested orchestras can book a consultation meeting with our team on our website and we'll take care of all the necessary steps to make this Inclusive Symphonic Experience a reality serving all the stakeholders in your communities. You can see some examples of successful experiences here: - - - - Book a FREE initial consultation to implement the Inclusive Symphonic Experience in your orchestra!

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