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Opera Camp™ Services

Developing Sustainable Opera Experiences

  • 30 min
  • Crafted for you!
  • Performing Arts Laboratory Online

Service Description

Are you interested in Offer Affordable and Sustainable Artistic Experiences for your Communities? Are you interested in create strong relationships with all your stakeholders? The Opera Camp™ is a licensed remarkable experience offered by the Performing Arts Laboratory where Communities (kids to older adults), Students (UnderGrad, and Grad) and Professionals (from different disciplines), Produce-Perform-and-Experience Opera all together side by side. Based on multiple times internationally awarded groundbreaking work on holistic artistic development, fundraising and marketing state-of-the-art developments, multidisciplinary collaboration, and artistic pedagogy; this program allow full societies (no matter their background, level of income, or artistic resources) to enjoy sustainable and enriching Artistic Practices! As Opera is the Art of all arts collaborating together, this is a service where Opera companies, Orchestras, Performing Organizations, Universities, Cities, Schools, etc; can offer sustainable (crafted) artistic experiences to their full stakeholders. Why only the professionals can experience the Opera? Shouldn't all stakeholders be able to access these experiences? Interested organizations can book a consultation meeting with our team and we'll take care of all the necessary steps to make this Opera Camp™ a reality serving all the stakeholders in your communities. You can see some examples of successful experiences here: - - - And here you can see the trailer of a documentary we were preparing about these multidisciplinary service: Here you can book a FREE initial consultation to implement the Opera Camp™ in your organization and/or your city!

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