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CV for the Performing Arts - Course

  • 15Days
  • 30Steps
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Create the perfect CV for your desired position (Job or School)! Crafting a perfect Curriculum Vitae is an art by itself. It not only has to highly your unique career, skills, and knowledge; but also match perfectly with the needs of your potential employer or school. And when talking about the Performing Arts searches (for jobs or schools), usually this art becomes more complex as each stakeholder on the field must be totally unique and no standard CV preparation on other fields will work. Therefore, if you are a little bit lost on how to create your perfect CV for your desired position in the Arts, no worries, the Performing Arts Laboratory is here to help you! During this affordable and totally online course, that could be developed on your own pace, you will learn all the steps to create an outstanding CV that will put you in the front line of the search. We'll clarify the information that MUST to be on your CV, the formats that you could use, the tone, and more importantly how to be sure your CV highlights your uniqueness. You also will have access to our word CV template and our "CV Matrix" a powerful tool to recall and organize all your experience (working, studies, portfolio, publications, etc). As an organization aiming for Sustainable Artistic Practices across the globe and across all stakeholders, we use our multidisciplinary international research about the Artistic Landscape, to be sure every Performing Arts stakeholder has the tools and information to develop sustainable and healthy relationships with the field and the society as a whole.

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